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Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
seen flooding. not as bad as it could be. john harion taking a look at things. >> john? >> reporter: high tide is not scheduled until 6:01, just under an hour from now. as you can see the water is not a particular problem. it's a foot and a half to 2 feet below. just an hour or so ago, there were people still strolling around. the wind has stiffnd, coming in at 25 to 35 miles per hour with some gusts higher, and now there's virtually no one out, at least in this part of annapolis. there are occasional cars cruising by a. couple of bars are open. but all stores and services are closed. about 80% of the gas stations about two hours ago when we cruiseed the town looking for diesel fuel from our truck, 80% of the gas stations were closed. there's some flooding in low- lying parts of anne arundel county, and there are road closures. here's a list, river road, south of harrell harbor closed because of standing water. defense highway, which is route 450 at stevens church road. that's the crossen area. the road is closed. one more for you. near the border of prince george's county, closed b
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
folks, john, happy to hear the suspect is in custody. thank you. >>> we're also following breaking news out of prince georges county. a district heights police officer has been indicted on attempted murder charges. he is accused of shooting a man while in police custody. police say the victim was arrested and in handcuff when is he arrest. ed to -- attempted to escape. during the pursuit, the officer fired shots at kyle hitting him in the back. sergeant riley is currently held without bond pending a hearing tomorrow. >>> and now, the latest on superstorm sandy. things slowly getting back to normal here in new york city. the subway system partially reopened today on north of 34th streets and tunnels are still flooded. to ease congestion on the streets, police are only allowing vehicles into the city that have at least three people in them. >>> air traffic, meantime s completely restored in new york and all of the major airports are open. laguardia reopened on a limited schedule. kennedy and newark liberty he reopened. as a precaution, airline officials urged customers to confirm any
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
john. >> they must have been doing something right. >> reporter: david hogan is referring to pepco. >> i certainly give them the blame when things don't go right. so give them some credit this time. >> reporter: this is willard avenue in bethesda blocked by a fallen tree that brought down a utility pole, but the lights are still on. one driver forced to turn around was a restoration appraiser. >> most stuff were getting is fairly on the small side at the moment, but it's a mixture. i've not seen everything because i'm only one estimator in the company, but so far it's a lot of little stuff. >> reporter: in all more than four dozen roads in montgomery county were closed due to downed trees or power lines or floodwaters. county officials say we dodged a bullet, but some are still on edge. >> i'm worried the ground is really wet and there are lots of big trees. i'm afraid it will come down and then we'll still be out for five days like we usually are. >> have you come for a treat or for a trick? >> reporter: and while outdoor halloween decorations got battered by the storm, many like
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
business. >> reporter: not so said aaa's john townsend, who cites experts who claim the amount of the fine doesn't matter. he points to our neighbors as an example. >> the fines are $40 in the state of maryland. yet people are complying with the law. people are slowindown, and the number of violations has decreased in that state. >> reporter: no one denies d.c. coiffures are overflowing with money from speed camera tickets. the mayor said that he put that money to work. >> the additional revenue generated by speeding fines will be used to hire 100 new police officers. >> reporter: council member tommy wells supports the idea of more officers on the street. he said the mayor's plan still uses camera fines to fat know up the budget. >> when we balance the budget, it should be done with taxes and we should not use fines across the city to balance the budget. >> one thing to point out under the mayor's plan for speed limits over 10 miles an hour, well, that will be dropped to $50. the thing is when it comes to speed cameras throughout the city, chief lanier said that her department does not se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4